I BET that there’s going to be a lot of blog posts about 2020! At least we can all agree that the year 2020 sucked. If I’m being perfectly honest, 2019 sucked for me as well, so I thought, let’s just keep adding on, right?

Let’s start with the good stuff:

  • I was able to collect unemployment, and being a business owner, this really helped a lot. It was a very small amount, but it helped with some of my bills, websites, storage, gear, etc.
  • My husband was able to work from home, and this is big. He works in tv as an editor and assistant editor. The two shows he was working on, had already a lot of footage in the can. His production studio was located in NYC, and back in March, if you recall, NYC was pretty scary. Luckily, he had equipment here, and they upped the technology so that everyone could work from home, and stay employed. When that gig was done, he was able to work from home for another tv show, and they sent him equipment that they use, so we have a lot of stuff here right next to me. We share a home office, so it’s been “cozy” since March.
  • Our daughter’s school district really stepped up. We were all told that they would have two half days on Mon and Tue to prep for remote learning. The Friday before, NJ shut down everything. So the teachers and kids all had to prepare in TWO DAYS to be ready to start on Monday. Yes there were glitches, and no, it’s not perfect. Our daughter struggled, but she was promoted from the 8th grade. Whew!
  • We are all in good health, wearing masks, and doing everything to keep our family unit safe. My daughter and I spent a lot of time together at the farm riding horses.
  • I dug up old art supplies from HS and art college, bought what I needed, and started to paint using watercolors, oils, and used colouring books to have fun with my coloured pencils.
  • We had a “kiddie pool” this year in the backyard.
  • Cuddle time with a newborn miniature foal.
  • Our daughter was able to have in person tutoring for math via social distancing, masks, and plexiglass barriers.
  • Keeping busy with being the Chair of Public Imaging for my Rotary Club. This kept me busy, and my sanity was saved for the most part. If you’re on Facebook, check us out! 
  • Worked on my resume, learning Salesforce, anything related to Google, and applied to many jobs.
  • I actually had some clients….9 of them. The others were volunteering my services for my Rotary Club.
  • I partnered up with Leaping Dog Art Studios to teach a Winter Photography Class for kids.
  • Church services on YouTube Live and Zoom.
  • The NJ Medical Marijuana Program has saved me from pain, anxiety and stress.
  • Biden and Harris got elected! 
  • Learning more on how to be patient and grateful.
  • Learning how to be patient and grateful.

Okay so here’s the bad:

  • My Uncle Ray died in late February, right before the shutdown, he lived in CA with his husband Ken. Uncle Ray had a host of medical issues and was in and out of hospitals for 8 months. Mom rushed out to see him, but as she was about to board the plane, she got the call from Ken that he just passed. She and my uncle were very close as mom was the oldest of 4, the 3 others being boys. We’re still in mourning, the holidays have been rough.
  • Another family member died up in Queens, NY, but I don’t believe it was COVID-19 related.
  • No clients except the very few. While I’m so incredibly grateful to have worked at all, it still sucked.
  • Our daughters laptop decided to break in March. She could still use it, something with the hinges. But really? It couldn’t break before March?
  • My dad had to have surgery TWICE. He’s ok, just not a good time to go anywhere near a hospital unless it’s a true emergency. And yes, it was.
  • Not being able to have any friends over for us or our daughter.
  • Not being able to use our pool this season.
  • No vacations.
  • I didn’t start any personal projects, or “find myself” via art or photo projects.
  • Our daughter has been remote since March, even though the district is on a hybrid schedule. My parents live with us, and are in the very high risk category. My dad especially who’s in his 80’s with C.O.P.D. There’s no way in hell that she’s going back unless a miracle happens. But it sucks because she’s a Freshman in HS, and remote learning is taking a toll on her mental health.
  • My depression has gotten bad, lots of triggers on social media, etc. I took a very long break from Facebook. The only time I had to go on it was because I’m the Chair of Public Imaging for my Rotary Club.
  • Because of my depression, I’ve done absolutely nothing. I didn’t organize, deep clean, redirect, meditate on life, or anything. I’ve been a lump of blah, watching streaming movies and tv. Seeing others being productive just made me feel worse.
  • Because of said depression, my business has further fell into the pit of despair. Instead of hitting up social media to promote, etc., I just. Couldn’t.
  • Couldn’t find any work, be it through job searching or working with other businesses.
  • My back went out and I had to go to physical therapy all summer. Nothing broken, muscle related and I’m better now.
  • Having SEVERE TMJ and had to go into Philly and get fitted for a device, then go back to get said device customized more to my mouth, all during the HEIGHT of the shutdowns.
  • A month of migraines.
  • Bursitis in my right hip.
  • I tried to start an exercise routine, look at the above for the “some” of the reasons why that didn’t work out.
  • LACK OF MOTIVATION FOR ANYTHING. I mean I didn’t want to even think about picking up my cameras.
  • Stress is all around me.
  • Taking medications for my depression…it’s not always helping.


Do you feel the same?  tell me how you’re all doing, and if any of this sounds familiar. 


To make matters worse, very recently, I purchased a Christmas decoration for our small towns Christmas tree as a fundraiser, and my husband and mother found it squashed in the street. Talk about the perfect metaphor! These were made by Carson Creations
Thankfully Rebecca made me a new one, thus my business is saved LOL!
Check out her latest by following her on Instagram!

So yeah, there you go.


Here is the list of what I hoped that I could do, and it’s on my list for 2021:

  • Get my other website redesigned and updated.
  • Remind people that I still exsist online, a.k.a. get my social media on track.
  • Use the equipment that I purchased with VERY good intentions, to do more videos, and possibly a podcast.
  • Get my ass in better shape for riding.
  • Work on the horse that I ride to get us BOTH in shape for show season.
  • Organize
  • Deep clean
  • Learn how to cross stitch.
  • Go through my yarn stash and finish knitting projects.
  • Get rid of crap that I no longer need anymore.
  • Reduce the stress that’s around me all the time.

Before you start saying that I should be thankful, etc. Here is the list of what I grateful for:

  • None of my family members or friends have died of COVID-19 (that we know of).
  • My friends who did test positive for COVID-19 are still alive, but quite a few are still struggling.
  • We don’t have to worry where our next meal is coming from.
  • We don’t have to worry about not being able to have a roof over our heads.
  • We don’t need to worry about not having the technology to enable our daughter to attend school remotely.
  • We have health insurance.
  • We’re paying off our bills.
  • We’re damned lucky for for alive!!!!
If you’ve made it this far, here are a few of my favorites that I took, as well as memories from this past year.
This is Arielle, and she was my first client before the pandemic and shut down. We shot her pictures in my studio.
My husband sews, and his project of the year was making masks.
I managed to get to the barn during the total shutdown for much needed cuddles with a newborn miniature foal.  The Army Infantry baseball hat belonged to my grandfather, a WWII Mstr Sgt Army Vet.
After I felt safe enough to go outside in my neighborhood , I took my Olympus micro 3/4 camera and lens to walk around to take some pictures.
Our daughter graduated from the 8th grade.
I took some more pictures during another walk also shot with my I took my Olympus micro 3/4 camera and lens.
My friend got married in June, and asked me to be their photographer.
Our neighbors daughter graduated from Rowan University, so we set up a way to give her the graduating college senior portraits that they wanted.
We set up our kiddie pool:
I went back to having fun with painting and colouring with pencils. Even found my old art supplies from HS and art college.
My friend going back to the 5th grade, Mike Oeming is a comic book artist and writer, check out his work!
Turns out that I needed better ways to keep them organized, so I got this case for my coloured pencils.
Worked on practicing my scales on the digital piano(my other piano needs to be tuned). I started playing the piano around the age of 8 or 9, and continued through HS.
Photographed my friend for her headshot.
This was in the studio and outside in my yard.
Took up casual archery.
I have to say, we are privileged to be able to go riding a lot. Not many people can do this sport. I’ve ridden since grade school up through HS, doing Hunter Jumper Equitation and some Dressage. My goal this year is to entre Jumping Events.
This is me on Chance, an Arabian, he’s an amazing horse who’s over 30 years old!
This is Jack, a buckskin 15hh American Quarter Horse, who I’ve been riding almost a year now.
Yes, our daughter rides too!

Below you see me riding my friends horse, Aramis, he’s a Percheron.

Another friend contacted me to photograph her daughters surprise wedding shower.
Picked our own pumpkins at McGregor’s Farm and I set up my camera on a tripod and set the self timer.

I like cows.

We went to the MST3K drive-thru and got to see Joel, whom David worked with back out in Los Angeles.

We had a cute woodchuck that was eating the pumpkins, and he/she wasn’t the only one! The squirrels were gorging themselves on ours and our neighbors pumpkins too!

My Rotary Club has had a difficult time with our fundraising, so we’ve managed a few outside projects that I was able to be a part of. The ones of use working on this slope, some were shot by my husband. This was when our Rotary CLub teamed up with the Bordentown Green Team.

Below was our Rotary 4 Recovery Event:

I had a possible COVID-19 exposure, so I went and got tested. Thankfully I tested negative.

New Phone! Who ‘Dis?

My beloved Apple iPhone SE 64GB that I’ve had for almost 6 years finally started to give me problems, and the second battery was on it’s last limping legs. I was advised NOT to get the battery replaced, so it was time to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro 512GB.

I’m pretty impressed with it!

My friend Karin Naimark of Naimark Photography contacted me to help her photograph some of the  CJL, Inc Horse Show at Duncraven Stables in Titusville, NJ. Our days started around 7:30Am, and ended when the classes ended. Because of the shorter days, they classes had to be finished before it got too dark. And yes, it got cold LOL! I really enjoy working with Karin. I get to photograph amazing horses, their riders, and I also listened in to what their trainers were saying to the riders to remember for myself later on.

To see the work that I did for Karin during the Cjl/Snowbird USEF Nat’l “A” Horse Show – on November 28-29, 2020.  And here, the images I took have the letter D in the IMG numbers. 

Cjl Inc. Usef “C” Outreach Horse Show – December 6, 2020  And here in the Candids , the ones that I took for Karin have the letter D in the IMG numbers. 

Cosmos Moon

Here are two clients that hired me right before Christmas, I’m only going to show you 2 images as a sneak peek, I’ll be posting more about these later on.

We do our very best to shop local. In our town we have amazing restaurants where we order take out,  and shops. Check them out! 


Then to wrap up 2020, I teamed up with Leaping Art Studios to put together the first Photography Camp. I approached Jen about my idea to have a workshop geared towards kids, so we decided to try it out and it was a success! I was really impressed with how the kids managed to soak up what I was teaching them. My goal was to give them a better understanding of what Aperture/ F Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, and Shooting Modes. While we didn’t get to all of the shooting modes, I made them stick to the very basics of using their DSLRs in Manual Mode, and a basic lens. I brought in a variety of cameras that ranged from film up to present day digital cameras. At the end, we went on a Photo Scavenger Hunt inside and outdoors. After the classes are over, I am letting the kids pick their favorite 2 images to be printed into an 8×10. Their final pictures were wonderful!!!

Be sure to follow Leaping Dog Arts Studios on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

Depression is a beast to live with. One day you’re ok, the next you can’t get out of bed, or something triggers you and you lose people you love in your life. It’s heartbreaking and never ending. I can deal with constant physical pain, but that? Never. If I could change anything, that would be it, and bring back those people into a much happier life of mine. If they ever see this post of mine: I’m so truly sorry, and I wish we could be friends again.

Thanks to Jen of Leaping Dog Art Studios for the words of encouragement!  I’m going to end this on a positive note:

Happy New Year and may 2021 be filled with positive light, healing, joy, and better opportunities!